True happiness

75 €

About The Artwork: The artist, while walking in the park on a Sunday summer day, overheard friends talking about how hard it is to live among glass and concrete, but living in villages in nature brings real joy. During the conversation, one of the friends' dog frolicked carefree in the green grass, happily catching butterflies near the newly built high-rise blocks in Moscow. At that moment, the artist felt happy and realized that true happiness is the inner state of a person, and not a specific place or his environment.

Artist Statement: Words are not enough to convey my feelings, so I use images, colors and shapes. Art in any form is an ordinary miracle!

BIO: Irina Selina is a contemporary artist, illustrator, and stained glass artist in whose paintings one can sense original awareness, sensual femininity and gentle beauty. More than 30 personal and joint exhibitions, publications in art magazines around the world. Irina is a resident of the international association of artists ASM CLUB.