Sunset over the Dolomites

190 €

About The Artwork: The eighth wonder of the world. Alps Mountain Landscape. We always rejoice in the golden rays of the sun. The sunset is inspiring and mesmerizing. 100% Original hand painting. Made in oil on stretched canvas. Sides are painted. Ready to hang on the wall. The painting is varnished. Finding a painting that emits a calming vibe to it? You’re in luck as this Landscape Original Art Painting is just the perfect painting to do so!

Artist Statement: I love observing the beauty of nature in all its facets, paying special attention to light and color. The forces of nature inspire me.

BIO: I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Higher education. I use painting as a method of self discovery as well as a means of sharing my thoughts and feelings. I believe that art taps into unseen connections that we all share. Painting allows me to “pour” my emotions and experiences onto a canvas. I am convinced paintings bring joy and harmony into people’s homes. I don’t limit myself to painting in just one genre or technique. I like mixing and experimenting with different mediums and create something unique. I am a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. I constantly participate in exhibitions. I am a resident of the international club “ASM-Club”. I'm in the Project “The Art of the Open Heart”. I am interested in psychology and art therapy.